On this page you will find some leaders available for preview and download. Sometimes on mailing lists and internet forums I would read about people searching for these, and decided to share the ones I had made myself. The first ones I had were SD, but at the end of July 2009 I reworked them in HD. So if you have the older ones, you might want to check out these revisions.
The downloads are 1920x1080 image sequences (JPEG), with full swing levels (tell your Avid they are RGB/0-255 when importing). If you need SD versions, it would be best to flip your project to an HD project, import the image sequence (choose "properly sized" and "0-255" under the Image tab of the Import dialogue box), switch your project back to SD and use Clip->Transcode to transcode the file into the SD resolution of your choice. The result will be 16F16 (16x9 Full Height Anamorphic), which you may need to compensate for by adding a .75 vertical resize for SD 4x3 projects.

- Let me know if you use and/or like these leaders at siteinfo at terburg dot com.
SMPTE/Academy/Framecounting Leader
It counts down 8secs@24fps (SMPTE) as well as 12ft@35mm (Academy) and it has a total frame counter (192), with a sync mark at 48frs (02sec@24fps/03ft@35mm) before F(irst) F(rame) O(f) A(ction). Add a single frame of audio tone (1KHz) at the white 2-pop/3-pop/-48 frame.
N.B. You can use it, but
you are not allowed to alter it in any way, especially length. Some people mistakenly assume that a 25fps film project (sometimes used in Europe) should have a 25fps leader, but it should not. A film leader is a film leader, 192 frames in length, either counting SMPTE (8 seconds measured at 24fps) or Academy (12 feet of 35mm 4-perf). In 25fps projects, the leader should be run 1 frame by 1 frame (so it will run faster). Sync mark (2-pop or 3-pop) remains at the same position, 48 frames before FFOA, regardless of film speed*. Stick to the standards, I say.
For NTSC projects that are matchback, this leader needs to be converted to have a 2:3 pulldown in it.

(click for preview)

* When you splice in the leader at the head of your sequence, you will find that if the PICTURE START mark is at 0xh00m00s00f, then the sync mark is at24TC 0xh00m06s00f and 25TC 0xh00m05m19f, and the FFOA occurs at 24TC 0xh00m08s and 25TC 0xh00m07s17f.
40 Second Countdown Clock
Intended for (Broadcast) Master Tapes (or file based delivery). Starts 40 seconds before FFOA. Usually should run no further than T-3 seconds (verify specs with your broadcaster). To the right, there's plenty of room to add a slate with data such as Program Title, Client, Episode/Version, Duration, Sound Mix etcetera. It's only 40 frames long, you'll need to slow the playback speed down to 1 (one) fps.


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For those who are curious, these were all made entirely on an Avid, using nothing but the traditional Title Tool and the 3D DVE, working in Uncompressed 10-bit 1920x1080 progressive HD.
Let me know if you use and/or like them at siteinfo at terburg dot com.